Our Bulk Cup of Soups make it very easy to fix a great soup. 10 servings per jar, just add 3 tbsp to a Cup of Boilng Water.  A Personal Favourite   Perfect for a quick snack.  Ready in 3 minutes. Just add boiling water, stir and let sit for 3 minutes. 

Red Pepper & Tomato

Excluding GST/HST

    Ingredients: red pepper, milk powder, dehydrated vegetables (tomatoes, garlic, onions), modified corn starch, sugars (sugar, corn syrup solids), salt, tapioca starch, canola oil, spices., cabbage, green peppers, red peppers, leeks, tomato powder, cornstarch, spice, tomato flakes, onions.

    Made in a facility that has: wheat flour, soy, eggs, milk and treenuts